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SVP COLLECTION: weekend of Sat 9th & Sun 10th


It will be mandatory for anybody over sixteen years old who is employed by the Parish or who volunteers to help or work in the parish to have Garda Vetting.
No exceptions will be allowed.

A meeting for all present employees and volunteers will be held on the evening of Friday 12th January 2018

Dec 2017: THE INCARNATION, what it means for us...

This is a piece from Mr Blue by Myles Connolly, screen writer and novelist. Used to be in the schoolbooks long ago. He was ever so wise—from Boston. He loved wastrels—remind you of anyone? He fights off the notion that saints are made overnight and that there’s a one size fits all path to holiness. He had a conviction that every created thing can be a help on the path of Christian ascent . His joyful progress in the spiritual life is largely a result of his showing great mercy to everyone he meets. I could go on I think his stories are being republished at the moment. There are two that I know of “Mr Blue” and “Dan England & Nooonday Devil”. He said “a father is called upon to model heroic love for his family. and it is possible to tell a good story and walk the Emmaus path at the same time.”
Here Mr Blue talks to the narrator  -

“Did it ever occur to you that it was Christ who humanised infinitude so to speak? When God became man, he made you and me and the rest of us pretty important people. He not only redeemed us, he saved us from the terrible burden of infinity”. His eyes were glowing in the dark. He threw his hands up toward the stars: “My hands, my feet, my poor little brain, my eyes, my ears all matter more than the whole sweep of these constellations!” he burst out. “God himself, the God to whom this whole universe-speckled display is as nothing, God himself had hands like mine and feet like mine, and eyes and brain and ears”! He looked at me intently. “Without Christ we would be little more than bacteria breeding on a pebble in space or glints of ideas in a whirling void of abstractions. Because of him, I can stand here out under this cold immensity and know that my infinitesimal pulse-beats and acts and thoughts are of more importance than this whole show of the universe. Only for him I would be crushed beneath the weight of all these worlds. Only for him, I would tumble dazed into the gaping chasms of space and time. Only for him, I would be the merest of animalcules crawling on the merest of motes in a frigid infinity”. He turned away from me, turned toward the spread of the night behind the parapet. “But behold,” he said, his voice rising with exultancy. “behold, God wept and laughed and dined and wined and suffered and died even as you and I. Blah for the immensity of space! Blah for those who would have me a microcosm in the meaningless tangle of an endless evolution! I’m no microcosm, I, too, am a son of God!” He finished his outburst with a great gesture to the stars. Think about this when you look up at the stars these dark nights. To him we are more beautiful than all this. Happy Christmas!

Best wishes to all for Christmas. I hope we have peace and joy and don't forget the poor and the Rohingyas under plastic! Wouldn’t you wonder how God can look on? Hoping we’ll do something about it I suppose. Don’t forget Vincent de Paul. Collection on 9th and 10th

"Do This in Memory"
The little ones have begun preparing for First Holy Communion 2018. “Let the little children come to me, of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”  Let us support them by prayers and example. Time will fly.


Please pray for those who have died

Catherine Walsh, Melleray
Madge Landers (née Geary), Barrack Street
Bridie O Shea, Barrack St., died in London
Seán O Lonnáin, An Rinn
Carmel Ryan (née O Donovan), Cork & Main St.

May they all rest in peace.

December Feasts

Advent begins Sunday 4th. It is very short this year, four weeks to Christmas Eve only 20 days so waste none of it in preparing the way for the Lord. It’s a new year, cycle B so we have Good News as told by Mark. The Reign of God is here right now—what are we going to do about it? Jesus gathers a few people around him to show them what it’s like and even they don’t always “get” it. He starts small. But his is a kingdom of truth and life, holiness and grace, justice, love and peace. It’s up to us to show it! And if it is slow happening, it’s because he is giving us time to change our ways and become like him We can each one of us change the world, if you can help people to love one another and be friends, isn’t that kingdom come?. Advent begins by telling us the end of all things. (The Jihadists are taking this literally and want to hurry it up making more martyrs etc). Signs in sun and moon before the coming of the Son of Man.

In the second week we turn to preparing for Christmas and the coming of Jesus. Meister Eckhart said “what good is it for Mary to give birth centuries ago if I do not also give birth to the Son of God in my time and culture?” He is always needing to be brought into the world and into our lives and we need to do this for each other whatever way we can. John the Baptist was telling them to ‘repent’ in those days. That’s not so much about being sorry for our sins as changing our ways and becoming the sort of people who can’t do that ever again! People wanted John to be specific “Be happy with what you have!” was his reply. Then we have to be happy at all times. John tells us he is the voice and the voice is giving way to the Word in a few days from now.

Sunday 31st. is feast of the Holy Family. We will have the visit of the bell and icon after Christmas. This icon of the Holy Family was commissioned  especially for the occasion. The colours are not what we are accustomed to in icons. I think it was made here. The Redemptoristine nuns specialise in them.

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