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Cappoquin Civic Link Notes

Trekkin' Eejits update
Trekkin Eejits report that the recent walk along the Waterford Greenway has yielded €3,500 in sponsiorship returns to day, and anyone with money still to come in is asked to drop the necessaries into Cara at Cappoquin Credit Union offices as soon as possible. All funds received go to cancer charities, as mentioned previously.

Deise Link
It is wonderful to see the level of usage the Council's 'Deise Link' service is gettign form Cappoquin residents, and it is hard to over-estimate how important an addition to community life the service is. Civic Link has continued to liaise with Deise Link in an effort to get approval for a proper bus shelter for travellers, and we hope to have good news on this matter in the coming weeks.

Bloom 2017
There won't be a Cappoquin entry (that we know of) at this year's Bloom festival, but there will be an entry from an important Cappoquin connection. Danny Fletcher, architect of last year's Heritage Group Red Bridge Garden, winner of its category, has designed a garden this year for Dungarvan Hillwalkers, and we'd like to wish Danny and the Hillwalkers all the very best for the festival. We have a fair idea of the work that has to go into preparing for Bloom, but also of the great value an entry can bring in terms of publicising the locality. Well done Danny.

Carnival 2017
The 2017 Cornerstone Carnival committee has its next meeting on Tuesday May 23rd, so we expect to be in a position to begin giving specific details of the schedule from next week onwards. People are working very hard to ensure that it's going to be an artistic weekend in particular, with free art exhibitions planned for the library (part of Waterford Council's Collection), Derriheen House (featuring the works of Arthur Maderson) and at the Community Centre, where an exhibition of pictures done by pupils at Bunscoil Gleann Sídheáin will be a major new addition to Carnival weekend. More anon.

'Her Story' - authors needed
The Heritage Group has 'signed up' close to 20 people already who will be writing pieces for the planned publication, 'Cappoquin - Her Story' aimed at commemorating the contribution of women to the histor yo four area. If you are someone with a story to tell, and haven't been 'signed up' as yet, do let us know. Our target is to publish a major book in 2018, on the centenary of Irish women beign given the right to vote.

Canine Clean-up
Sharp-eyed dog walkers may have noticed some new signage recently, advising against dog fouling. These have come about thanks to the efforts fo Civic Link in liaising with the Council - thanks Clive - and we are working to try to get some fixed bag dispensers in place as soon as possible as well. The portable bag dispensers which we made available through Murray's and hte Credit UInion have all now been taken by eager dog owners, with many thanks again to the Council for their support on this small but important project.

Hiding in Plain Sight - This Week's Photo
It was very nice recently to have a visit from members of the St. John-Conway family to Cappoquin. They came in search of their roots, traced to Walter St. John-Conway who worked and lived in Cappoquin from approximately 1905 up to the late 1920s or so. It's amazing sometimes how you can learn something new about a place or object that you pass every day. The original Walter was a metal worker by profession, who was responsible for making the gates which stand at the entrance to Cappoquin House, just at the top of Main Street. Walter's family were delighted to point out the spot where he had clearly carved the date '1911' before the hot metal cooled. The family lived in what is now the Jubilee Nurses Home, and we also know that while Walter was a Mayo native originally, his wife was a local lady whose maiden name was Nugent. If anyone thinks they might be related, we'd be delighted to put you in touch with Walter's family, who nowadays live in Portlaoise.





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